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Create brilliant iOS & Android apps

Push notifications, remote settings and a lightweight CMS.
Open-source SDKs, no idfa-collection nonsense.

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Add powerful features to any app

Push Notification

We take care of securing device tokens and all communication with Google's Cloud Messaging or Apple's APN servers. All you need is to do is to plug in your app's certificates – and send messages.

Remote Settings

Remotely configure your app without resubmitting it to Google Play or the App Store. Conduct A/B tests or control any behaviour from the air.

Storywall & Articles

Write stories and place those seamlessly in the app. The SDK takes care of

Developers love it because...

Real 5-minute Setup

Add Appwoodoo to your app via Gradle or Cocoapods, and integrate the take-off calls. Yup, it's that simple. If you need help, just contact us anytime.

Open-source SDKs

Other SDKs might steal user data or cause crashes. We don't do any of those; check out our open-source Android/iOS SDKs on Github!

It may be free forever

Our service is free until your apps become popular. You only start to pay for Appwoodoo when your apps are popular enough to make up for it.

Public APIs

Most of our APIs are already publicly available too.

Connect your own admin interface to Appwoodoo, and send out push notifications directly from your own website. (Or upload images, add stories and retrieve basic usage statistics.)

You can also write your own SDKs using Swift3, Node.js, Python, or any other language while keeping the Appwoodoo admin interface to manage all content.




Free forever
For hobby devs and low-traffic apps
  • Send 1,000 push notifications
  • 10,000 API calls
  • Open-source SDKs
  • Every feature and pre-built module

Indie Devs

£14.9 / mo

Billed annually: £179 / year
For indie devs with semi-popular apps
  • Send 15,000 push notifications
  • 100,000 API calls
  • Open-source SDKs & Production API
  • Every feature and pre-built module

Small Businesses

£49.9 / mo

Billed annually: £599 / year
Software houses with popular apps
  • Send 100,000 push notifications
  • 500,000 API calls
  • Open-source SDKs & Production API
  • Every feature and pre-built module

You can add unlimited Android & iOS apps, stories and remote settings for each package.
Package limits are set on a per-account basis. Subject to fair use.

Need higher limits or a dedicated server? Contact us.