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Open-source push notification &
remote control service in 5 minutes

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Introducing Appwoodoo

5-minute Setup

All you need to get started is to integrate the SDK with your iOS or Android app. If you use other frameworks like Ground Control, you can keep using them instead.

Open-source SDKs

Do you know what's inside the frameworks you use? Have you caught an SDK stealing your users' data? Our Android/iOS code is on Github, check it out!

Free for Devs

We designed our prices so that the service is free until your apps become popular. You only start to pay for Appwoodoo when your apps are being used a lot (and keep our servers busy).


Push Notification

We take care of both registering devices and handling the Android or iOS notifications. All you need to do is getting your free Google Cloud Messaging key or Apple APN Certificates and plug them into Appwoodoo.

Remote Settings

Remotely configure your app without resubmitting it to Google Play or the App Store. Conduct A/B tests or control any behaviour from the air. We give you the server and awesome open source SDKs.

Easy-to-use APIs

Most of our APIs are already publicly available yoo. You can use them to send push notifications or update your users' settings from within your backend, without having to connect to Google's or Apple's servers.

Get started

  1. Sign up here, and start adding settings. For example, add 'facebook-login-enabled'.
  2. Add the Woodoo SDK to your Android or iOS app. (Install instructions and code on Github. You can use your favourite third-party SDK like Ground Control or Remote Control too.)
  3. Make the app change its behaviour based on the received settings
  4. Remotely update the settings anytime!

Only want to use the API?

Our API is publicly available too. You can:

Connect your API with ours

Send out notifications to your users seamlessly, without ever visiting the Appwoodoo console.

Use Appwoodoo anywhere, without the SDKs

Are you building a Python or Node.js app? No problem: you can connect to Appwoodoo without using any of our SDKs.

For OAuth2 authentication and using the push notifications APIs, please contact us.